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Thames Run: Source to Sea

Thames Run: Source to Sea

A live artwork and run following the length of the river Thames from source to sea

THAMES RUN: SOURCE TO SEA WILL TAKE PLACE FROM 31ST MAY TO 13TH JUNE AS PART OF THE RE-PLANNED ESTUARY 2021 FESTIVAL ASSOCIATED PROGRAMME #AssocProg2021, led by a partnership of arts organisations Metal (South Essex) and Cement Fields (North Kent).

Starting in Kemble, Gloucestershire, on Monday 31st May, the artist will run the length of the river over a continuous period of 14 days, stopping at identified places to rest and recharge overnight, before continuing the next day*. The journey will end at The Isle of Grain on the south side. The use of mobile and Internet technologies will be at the heart of the work and key to the mediation and dissemination of the artwork as a live event. Audiences will be able to track the artist's movements online using GPS tracking, live streaming and social media.

Key Links:

  1. (Click here): 1. Live Streaming on Facebook Live
  2. (Click here): 2. GPS Tracking on Locatoweb (direct link)
  3. (Click here) 3. Daily Blog

Key Dates:

  1. Mon. 31st May: Day 1: Kemble to Castle Eaton approx.16.65 miles;
  2. Tues. 1st June: Day 2: Castle Eaton to Tadpole Bridge, approx. 16.5 miles;
  3. Weds. 2nd June: Day 3: Tadpole Bridge to Oxford, approx. 20 miles;
  4. Thurs.3rd June: Day 4: Oxford to Clifton Hampden, approx.. 15.18 miles;
  5. Fri. 4th June : Day 5: Clifton Hampden to Goring-Upon-Thames (Streatley), approx. 16.12 miles;
  6. Sat. 5th June: Day 6: Goring-Upon-Thames to Henley, approx.. 20 miles;
  7. Sun. 6th June: Day 7: Henley to Cookham, approx.13.5 miles;
  8. Mon.7th June: Day 8: Cookham to Laleham approx. 20.7 miles;
  9. Tues. 8th June; Day 9: Laleham to Richmond, approx.. 18 miles;
  10. Weds. 9th June: Day 10: Richmond to Waterloo, approx. 15.9 miles;
  11. Thurs. 10th June: Day 11: Waterloo to Belvedere, approx.. 18.65miles;
  12. Fri. 11th June; Day 12: Belvedere to Northfleet, approx.19.6 miles;
  13. Sat. 12th June: Day 13: Northfleet to All Hallows approx..19.1 miles;
  14. Sun. 13th June: Day 14: All Hallows to Isle of Grain, approx.5 miles

Daily Sections of the 8m map/planning document/ drawing can be seen by clicking on this Thames Run: Source to Sea Daily Route Drawing link or on the link below.

A 14 day flyover journey was made during the first national lockdown in 2020, navigating the running route sections along the Thames using Google Earth to explore the terrain at a distance. This was shown in partnership with the Thames Festival Trust for Totally Thames 2020.

In 2019 and 2020 Véronique developed the pilot projects: Thames Run (Greater London) for the Totally Thames 2019 Festival and Thames Run (Greater London) v2 Northside for Totally Thames 2020 Festival, both of which encompassed a 3 day run across the breadth of Greater London West to East. A Time and Space Residency with METAL in 2018, allowed the artist develop preparatory work and to also explore the Thames Estuary on the north side. For more info see:

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